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Volunteer Statue Dedicated at Medical Center

July 29th, 2016


Family members of three former volunteers of St. Catherine of Siena Medical Center, Valerie Linder, Ann Long and Delbert Williams, joined together to remember their loved ones with the installation of a memorial angelic statue at the entrance of the hospital.

A special blessing was held on Monday, July 25 and attended by family members, volunteers, hospital staff and administration. Chaplain Father Corneille Boyeye blessed the beautiful statue which now welcomes patients and visitors to the hospital.


Chaplain Christine Torns spoke of the symbolic reference of angels and volunteers. “Angels are a pure spirit created by God, and are messengers to aide human kind biblically—to the church they are seen as guardians.” She continued, “We see the spirit of angels in volunteers as they are understanding, compassionate, patient and ever dedicated.” The statue acts as a reminder that volunteers are such a graceful component of the family at St. Catherine of Siena.



St. Catherine’s Executive Vice President and CAO Paul J. Rowland thanked the family members for making such a beautiful memorial possible and also thanked the volunteers for their unconditional gift of time and delivering their responsibilities with care and compassion each and every day. He stated, “The volunteers at our medical center are so dedicated and we certainly feel our hospital is being watched over by angels.”

Former president of St. Catherine’s Auxiliary and current volunteer Dorothy Nunziata said of Valerie Linder, “Valerie used to volunteer at the surgical desk—she was a woman who loved everyone and everyone loved her.” Mrs. Nunziata also shared kind words about former volunteer Ann Long, “She would always be smiling as she worked in medical records—and when she was not working she would still pop in for a little while.”


Director of Community Relations Heather Reynolds said a few words about former volunteer Delbert Williams, “He loved jokes and would tell the greatest stories—he was such a sweet man.”


In addition to the kind words expressed by former volunteers and administration, Jerry Linder, the husband of former volunteer Valerie Linder spoke. He said, “Val was very dedicated to her job and I know the volunteers at the hospital are all dedicated.” He then addressed the hospital staff and administration saying, “If you love me you will take care of my sheep, and that is what you all do here and it does not go unappreciated in the community.”