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Resident Resources

The Resident Council

The Resident Council provides a forum for you to voice your opinions, concerns or grievances and to join with others in making suggestions, solving problems or bringing them to the attention of the staff and/or administration. All residents/patients are invited and encouraged to participate in the resident council. Resident council officers are elected each year by the residents.


Our highly trained Social Work Department is available to assist the residents/patients with education of their stay with us. This education includes but is not limited to: 

  • Transitioning to our facility 
  • What important decisions need to be made 
  • Answering questions regarding your rehabilitation 
  • What to expect on admission & discharge 

The Family Council 

The Family Council provides a forum for family members to voice their opinions, concerns or grievances. They meet once a month with other family members along with a guest speaker from a department of Our Lady of Consolation. Their concerns are then brought to the attention of the appropriate staff and/or administration. All family members are encouraged and invited to participate.

Patient Issues 

Our highly trained staff is available to our resident and patients to answer their questions and concerns. Please contact your social worker to arrange to meet to discuss the following: 

  • Making difficult decisions 
  • Advance Directives 
  • Adjustment Concerns 
  • Home Care Procedure (link to Catholic Home Care) 



Beauty Parlor / Barber

The Beauty Salon/Barber Shop is located on the first floor in the West Building, next to Rehabilitative Services. Appointments and transportation to the salon will be coordinated by the nursing assistant responsible for your personal care.

Financial Services

The financial services office is located on the first floor just passed the main lobby. In this office, provisions have been made for safeguarding your valuables. You are advised not to keep much money or credit cards on your person or in your room. The facility is not responsible for loss or misplacement of money or credit cards.  For your convenience, the financial services office is open from 8:00am—4:00p.m., Monday through Friday. During this time, the office will be able to accept payments for services rendered, offer clarifications of same and distribute cash from personal accounts as well as residents may be able to access their personal accounts to deposit or withdraw money.

We recommend that a personal resident account be opened. This will enable you to charge certain services such as the beauty salon, and also to deposit money for resident to withdraw. We discourage you from keeping money in your room. All personal funds are placed in an interest-bearing savings account and quarterly statements are issued as prescribed by the State of New York.  In order to handle your financial matters adequately, it is suggested that social security and pension checks be deposited directly to the resident’s personal account upon admission.

The financial services office sends out bills by the 10th of each month. Payment is expected upon receipt of the bill. Applying for Medicaid assistance rests with you and/or your family. The finance and social services office will assist you with referrals for this process.

Culinary & Nutritional Services

The Culinary Department at St. Catherine’s pride themselves on their food preparation and plate presentation to assure that our elders and staff receives  nutritious and appetizing meals. They also design and prepare foods and displays for special events. Each rehabilitation patient and long term patient is assessed by a Registered Dietitian upon admission and throughout their stay. Therapeutic diets are followed based on appropriateness of each individual and medical condition. Best efforts are made to provide food preferences that work with each individual. Menu selection is done daily. Also adding to our food service the newest endeavor of moving the food service to the communities to provide a more “restaurant” feel to the dining experience where our elders can have more decision regarding the meals they receive as well as the many parties they enjoy.