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At Saint Catherine's, we pride ourselves on providing our patients and residents with a variety of services. Services geared not to simply maintain, but dramatically improve quality of life and independence.

To learn more about the services we offer, please click on the links in the menu to the right. We look forward to serving you.

Cancer Care

Cancer is a chronic disease with intermittent acute episodes resulting in the need for care in various settings including rehabilitation and long-term care. Each patient’s needs differ depending on treatment and prognosis. Our multidisciplinary team provides an individualized treatment plan to ensure each patients needs are met including management of pain and preservation of dignity. We integrate all aspects of care and will assist the patient and their loved ones through all phases of the disease process.
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Cardiac/ Post Open Heart Surgery Care

Skilled nursing care and medical treatments are provided to assist in the prevention of complications and improve the rehabilitation of patients with cardiac conditions. Patients post open-heart surgery patients are monitored closely for incision healing and potential cardiac complications. The multidisciplinary team provides a specially designed program for cardiac care and work together to return the patient to the highest possible functional capacity.Neurological Disease Care:The multidisciplinary team focus is to help patients recover the mental and/or physical functioning affected by a neurological condition. Patients who have suffered strokes, paralysis, loss of memory, mobility or speech and the inability to eat receive Physical, Occupational and Speech Therapies through a comprehensive individualized plan of treatment.

Post Surgical Care: Post surgical care may require a combination of intravenous medications, wound care, nutritional support, skilled nursing care and physical therapy during the recovery period. The multidisciplinary team focuses on incision healing, pain control and rehabilitation.
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Chronic Renal Failure

Our multidisciplinary team manages patients with renal failure in conjunction with our hemodialysis center. Our team of caregivers, work together closely, to provide care for this patient population. Our dialysis patients have the advantage of being transported to dialysis, by our in house staff, as we are connected to the campus dialysis unit by a tunnel.
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Diabetes Management

For our patients that require glucose monitoring, diabetic teaching and treatment of their diabetes, we offer a multidisciplinary team approach for the prevention and management of complications related to diabetic conditions. Our goal is to achieve excellence in the care of the diabetic patient incorporating medical, nursing and nutritional interventions including patient and family education.
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Enteral Nutrition

Enteral Nutrition helps to provide adequate nourishment to the patient, enhancing both comfort and quality of life. This feeding approach is most often used in patients who have difficulty swallowing or the inability to swallow to help ensure optimal nutrition. We offer a wide variety of enteral feedings and our staff is trained in the delivery and monitoring of patients receiving enteral nutrition.
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IV Therapy

We offer an array of intravenous therapy services under the supervision of Registered Nurses and Physicians. Intravenous therapy services include antibiotic administration and hydration via:

    • Peripheral Lines
    • Central Lines
    • Implanted Ports
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Neurological Disease Care

Our multidisciplinary team works toward helping patients to recover their mental and / or physical functioning affected by a neurological condition. Patients who have suffered strokes, paralysis, loss of memory, loss of speech and functional loss in their activities of daily living are screened for Physical, Occupational and Speech Therapies. An individualized, comprehensive plan of treatment is developed with a goal of maintaining dignity, promoting independence and returning each patient to their highest level of functional ability.
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Palliative and Hospice Care

The goal of the Palliative Care Program is to help patients and residents achieve the 
highest-possible quality of life throughout every stage of illness. Medical, emotional, 
spiritual and social needs are at the forefront to help patients and their families through the complex problems associated with serious, life threatening illness.

As a team, Good Shepherd Hospice and our staff provide care and support for families and patients including counseling for the terminally ill, pain management and nursing care, as well as, physicians and consultants who are Board Certified in Palliative and Hospice Care.
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Social Services

Social workers help residents and their family members adjust from living at home to living together at St. Catherine of Siena Nursing And Rehabilitation Care Center. Full time social workers maintain an ongoing relationship with both residents and their families, offering counseling, guidance and support. Social workers are part of an interdisciplinary team that ensures residents' rights and needs are addressed on all levels.

Support groups such as the Residents' Council and Family Council provide an opportunity for the sharing of ideas, as well as interaction with each other. Social workers provide education regarding Advanced Directives and Veterans Benefits.

Social workers also coordinate a discharge plan for those patients who are returning to the community after attending our rehabilitation program. This plan involves working with community agencies, home care agencies, insurance companies, and medical equipment providers to seamlessly facilitate a patient's safe return to home. Social workers are able to guide patients and their family members through the challenging decision-making process that arises when a patient is ready for discharge.
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Therapeutic Recreation Services

The Therapeutic Recreation Department of St. Catherine of Siena Nursing And Rehabilitation Care Center addresses the leisure related needs of the individuals residing in the facility. Recognizing that each person has physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual needs that must be met and respected, we dedicate ourselves to fulfilling these needs with dignity through supportive programming. We will accomplish this through the provision of professional programs and services which assist the resident in eliminating barriers to leisure, developing leisure skills and attitudes, and optimizing leisure involvement.

However, the Therapeutic Recreation Department is responsible for offering appealing, challenging, meaningful, and feasible opportunities to stimulate resident involvement. This in turn contributes to the quality of life experienced by the resident.

We will also create and provide opportunities for residents to expand their leisure lifestyle and learn new skills or become reacquainted with past involvements to encourage continued growth and development. We make provisions for all residents to assume leadership responsibilities, use their initiative in selecting and participating in activities, participating at his/her optimal level of functioning and to progress at his/her own speed as our programs are modified to assure success experiences for each resident.

We Provide has an array of programs including cocktail hours, poker, bingo and crafts groups are just a few of the activities we offer. We also have traditional and touch screen computers with web cam capability.
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Vascular Disease

Patients with Peripheral Vascular Disease, Peripheral Arterial Disease, Venous Insufficiency and non healing leg ulcers are provided care and education in an effort to decrease complications of vascular disease. Our patients have access to our Medical Center Wound Care Clinic for wound treatment and management.
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Nursing Services

Our Skilled Nursing Care goes beyond providing excellent medical health care. We are dedicated to providing patient centered care in a home-like environment which promotes dignity, respect and choice. Our primary goal is to treat our patients as individuals and to support their highest level of functioning.

Our registered and practical nursing staff are here around the clock and we have a comprehensive array of physician specialists on call 24 hours a day. Our staff is experienced and skilled, and uses the most advanced techniques and equipment. We offer specialized care services such as:

  • Pain Management
  • Wound Care
  • Intravenous Infusion Care
  • Palliative and Hospice Care
  • End of Life Care
  • Sub-acute Rehabilitation
  • Long Term Skilled Nursing
  • Dialysis
  • Consulting Services
  • Dental
  • Vision
  • Dermatology
  • Psychiatry
  • Psychology

The professional nursing staff and certified nursing assistants are educated in geriatric, subacute and rehabilitative care. Our in house Education Department provides ongoing education, for all nursing staff, ensuring the delivery of the highest quality of care. We provide our nursing staff with unique opportunities for continuing education including:

  • Dementia Training
  • CNA Preceptor program
  • RN partnership program with Suffolk Community College
  • Seminars and on site lecture

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Pastoral Care

Mission Statement

Personal and spiritual growth are processes that continue throughout a person’s lifetime, including one’s later decades The Pastoral Care Staff of St. Catherine’s are dedicated to assisting residents/patients to embrace that possibility. We hope to provide for the evolving needs of spiritual care by assuring a Christ-like presence in the facility.
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Our Vision

We, the members of the Pastoral Care Staff are a team of Priests and Board-Certified Chaplains. We strive to: Attend to the emotional, social and spiritual needs of residents, patients, loved ones and staff with careful listening, empathy and confidentiality, which we hope will enrich the quality of life. Bring comfort to the last days of residents/patients and their loved ones through compassionate, prayerful presence.
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Our Values

In addition to providing a regular celebration of Roman Catholic sacraments and rituals, we support each person’s spiritual tradition and each one’s right to nurture that tradition. We champion the importance of interdisciplinary collaboration among staff, in sustaining the quality of care of our patients/residents. We recognize the sacredness of the bond of confidentiality in each of our interventions.
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Pastoral Care Services

Mass is celebrated on Sunday and Holidays; also on closed-circuit TV Holy Communion is provided daily and Confession upon request Catholic residents receive the sacrament of Anointing of the Sick upon admission and then twice yearly A weekly interfaith service is held A Memorial Service for deceased residents is held bi-monthly Our chapel is always open for private prayer and at times for small group services.
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Seasonal Prayer Services and Events

  • Christmas Season
  • Lent/Easter Season
  • Ash Wednesday, Palm Sunday, Washing of the Hands (Holy Thursday Liturgy), veneration of the Cross (Good Friday), Joyous Easter Mass
  • Special Remembrance is made on other occasions, i.e., Veterans Day, Thanksgiving, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day

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