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What to Expect at Discharge

What to Expect at Discharge?

The Discharge planning process begins on admission and continues throughout the patient’s stay. Once a patient’s needs and goals are identified a safe discharge plan is formulated. The goal is to foster the appropriate utilization of healthcare resources to ensure a timely and smooth transition to an appropriate setting post rehabilitative care. This may include home care referrals, continued therapies at home, assisted living, long term care or various community support systems.

The developed discharge plan assesses the needs of the patient and matches those needs with the appropriate and available options in conjunction with the patient’s family or loved ones.  At the time of discharge the patient receives a list of current medications along with the corresponding prescriptions. A copy of the multidisciplinary discharge summary is provided for the patient as well as their Primary Care Physician.  A booklet of available community resources/information is given to each patient for future reference if needed.  A follow up phone call is made 2 weeks post discharge to inquire about the patients continued recovery and offer any additional support.